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Skilled Migration

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Skilled Migration Visa For Australia

Skilled Migration Visa is an excellent opportunity for professionals seeking to work or live in Australia. Since Australia has a strong economy and high standards of living, many people prefer to live and work here and contribute to its dynamic workforce. Skilled Migration Visa is your pathway to a brighter future, as professionals worldwide can work and live in Australia. If you want to get your visa approved, contact Kave At Law, the best registered migration agent in Parramatta. This visa aims to enhance the economy and address the labour shortage in Australia. This visa is also the gateway to Australian citizenship, as successful applicants can work and stay there permanently.

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Skilled Migration Visa is an excellent opportunity for professionals seeking to work or live in Australia.
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Types of Skilled Migration Visas

Consult our skilled migration visa lawyers in Sydney to apply for a skilled migration visa.

Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189)

For this visa, applicants must have a sufficient score on the point test. It is for workers without sponsorship from a state or territory, an employer, or a family member.

Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 190)

Applicants who are nominated by the Australian state or territory get this visa, and nomination points are added to the applicant’s score.

Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) Visa (Subclass 491)

It is a provisional visa and can help you attain Australian citizenship. It is for workers who are nominated by a family member or by a state or territory government.

Eligibility Criteria

Skills and Qualifications

The skills and qualifications eligible for skilled migration visas are listed on Australia’s Skilled Occupation List (SOL). To ensure the candidate’s qualification matches the Australian standards, they must undergo a skill assessment test by an authorised assessing authority.


At the time of application, the age of the candidate must be under 45 years. There are a few exceptions for certain professions and scenarios. Consult a professional, skilled migration visa lawyer in Sydney to get an overview of your personal case.

English Language Proficiency

To be eligible for a skilled migration visa, you must have a competent level of English. You must submit proof of an approved English language test with your application. Remember that for different types of visas, different level of proficiency is required.

Points Test

The Skilled Migration Visa works on a point system. Hence, in order to be eligible for this visa, you need to score a minimum number of points. Points are awards that will be given depending on various factors such as your English language score, qualification etc.

Skilled Migration Visa Application Process

1. Skill Assessment

First, skills are assessed as per your occupation by assessing authority.


Submit online an EOI that indicates that you are interested in being considered for this visa.


You will receive an ITA for the visa if you have the highest EOI score. For this, meet the eligibility score as per your EOI.


After receiving your ITA, you have to submit your visa application within a period of 60 days, along with all your necessary information and documents.


The duration for visa processing can vary depending on the type of visa subclass and your circumstances.

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If you are uncertain or have doubts regarding the Skilled Migration Visa, contact our team and learn about your eligibility, points and application process. Book a consultation today to pursue your dreams in Australia. Our skilled migration experts are the best registered migration agents in Parramatta. They can provide proper consultation, guidance and support to help you navigate the visa process and embark on the journey to Australia.
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