Section 48 Bar

Section 48 Bar

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Section 48 Bar For Australia

Section 48 of the Migration Act In Australia restricts individuals who have already refused an application or have had their visa cancelled from making further applications while they are still in the country. Kave At LawLaw is here to help the individuals subject to section 48 by providing them with a comprehensive understanding of the problem and the ways to fix it. Our services offer expert legal advice that can contribute to the individual’s exemption application from section 48 with the help of our professional section 48 bar partner visa in Sydney
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best immigration lawyers in Sydney

Eligibility Criteria For Section 48 Bar Exemption

The eligibility of the section 48 bar exemption can be availed by providing strong and compelling reasons for exemption, such as injury, illness, family emergencies or situations of personal hardships. If the individual faces changes in personal circumstances, such as the birth of a child, marriage, or relationship breakdown due to visa refusal or cancellation, then they may be able to acquire exemption from section 48 of the bar. Humanitarian or compassionate reasons may also contribute to your eligibility to seek exemption.
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Section 48 And Its Implications

Who Does Section 48 Apply To?
Section 48 is imposed on individuals who have a visa refused or cancelled while in Australia.

Duration Bar

The duration bar for section 48 lasts for a certain period. Based on several factors, the duration of the bar can vary, which may include the type of visa refused or cancelled and the circumstances under which it was refused or cancelled.

Consequences Of Section 48

Under section 48, the individual is restricted from submitting applications while being in Australia. This means they are not allowed to apply for another visa that may extend their stay or change the status of the visa unless they are exempted from it.


Some exemptions are available under section 48 that may permit the individual to apply for further visa applications regardless of the bar. The exemptions can be based on compelling circumstances, personal hardships or family emergencies

Review And Appeals

Individuals who are under section 48 may be able to request a review or appeal of the decision of the refusal or cancellation made by the Department Of Home Affairs. The circumstances of the applicant may enable them to challenge the decision with the help of an administrative review process or by lodging a request with the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT).

Impact On The Future Applications

The individuals will be required to present their previous visa refusal or cancellation while applying for a future visa, even when the bar imposed by section 48 has expired

What Type Of Visas Are Relevant To Section 48 Bar?

Visitor Visa (Subclass 600)

Individuals who are in Australia and have had their visa refused or cancelled may fall under the obligations of section 48 Bar.

Student Visa (Subclass 500)

Students who had their visa refused or cancelled can be significantly affected by the section 48 Bar.

Partner Visa

Individuals may face the obligations of section 48 if they applied for a partner visa and it was refused or cancelled

Temporary Work Visa

Visas such as Subclass 482 (Temporary Skill Shortage Visa), Subclass 457 (Temporary Work Skilled Visa) or certain other temporary visas can be affected by the obligations of Section 48 bar if the individual's visa application is refused or cancelled while they are in Australia.

Other Temporary

Other visas, such as family visas, skilled visas or business visas, can fall under section 48 in case the visa faces refusal or cancellation when the individual is in Australia. Kave at LawLaw specialises in dealing with legalities and information required to appeal for exemptions from section 48 with the help of our section 48 bar partner visa in Parramatta. With our outstanding service, we ensure that we provide an efficient immigration process with a great outcome that solves all the problems associated with your immigration journey.

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