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Refugee Visa

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Refugee Visa For Australia

The individuals who have fled their home country due to the fear or risk of serious harm and persecution. This could be because of the individual’s race, membership in a particular social group, religion, or political opinion. Those who meet the definition of a refugee provided by the United Refugee Convention. Such individuals are eligible to apply for refugee visas. Consult the best refugee visa consultants in Parramatta to apply for a refugee visa properly to ensure you get your visa approved.

Types Of Refugee Visas

  • Refugee and Humanitarian (Subclass 200) Visa
  • In-Country Special Humanitarian (Subclass 201) Visa
  • Global Special Humanitarian (Subclass 202) Visa
  • Emergency Rescue (Subclass 203) Visa
  • Protection (Subclass 866) Visa

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Eligibility For Refugee Visas

Eligibility may vary for different refugee visas depending on the subclass. Some general requirements to be eligible are:

Meet the definition of a refugee

As mentioned in the Refugee Convention, the applicant must meet the definition of a refugee. Applicants who are at risk of persecution in their home country due to the following: religion, race, nationality, political opinion, or member of a particular social group are eligible to apply for the visa.

Unable to return

If applicants are unable or unwilling to return to their home country because they are at a real risk of harm or persecution, they can apply for a visa.

No access to protection

The applicant can apply for the visa if the government or authority of the home country is unable or unwilling to protect the individual from persecution and damage.

Referral or Sponsorship

Depending on the subclass of refugee visa, applicants need to have a referral from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) or be sponsored by an Australian citizen or organisation.

Health and Character Requirements

Fulfil and satisfy the conditions and requirements for health and character set by the government.

Compliance with Immigration Laws

The applicants must be willing to comply with Australian immigration laws, rules, and regulations

Application Process For Refugee Visas

The application process to apply for a refugee visa involves the following steps:


The applicant must submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) to inform that they are interested in applying for the visa and seeking protection through a referral organisation or UNHCR.


Once you are eligible to apply for the visa, fill out the application form provided by the DHA (Department of Home Affairs).


Gather all the required documents, such as passports, evidence of the need for protection, health and character clearance certificates and other required documents.


Send the application online or by mail to the Department of Home Affairs or DHA.


The applicant will need to attend the interview and provide extra information about their particular circumstance. The applicant may also be required to provide biometric information such as fingerprints and photographs.


The applicant must undergo a security and health check, which is a crucial part of the visa assessment process.


After submitting the application, wait for the decision. If the visa is accepted or approved, the applicant will get the relevant refugee visa

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Applying for a refugee visa and getting approved is complex and has different procedures and processes. Moreover, these visas are limited and are granted annually to a few applicants. To ensure you get your visa approved, contact the best refugee visa agents in Sydney from Kave At Law. We help and guide you throughout the visa process and ensure that we support you at every step.
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