Protection Visa

Protection Visa

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Protection Visa For Australia

A protection visa is offered to individuals who meet the definition of refugee and have a valid and compelling reason to seek protection. The individuals must demonstrate the need for protection because of risks of serious harm, persecution, or other dangers due to which they cannot return to their country. The protection visa allows individuals to live in Australia legally. They may also be entitled to certain rights, such as working and enjoying some government services. To know more about the visa, consult protection visa consultants in Parramatta. We can help you guide and apply for the visa.

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Eligibility Criteria For Protection Visa

In order to obtain this visa, you must be eligible. The eligibility criteria to apply for protection visa are as follows:
  • It is crucial to meet the definition or status of refugee. Also, it is essential for individuals to demonstrate the need for protection from serious harm, danger, or persecution if they return to their home country.
  • Seek entry in Australia or are already in Australia. It may differ depending on individual personal circumstances.
  • The individual must meet the character and health requirements set by the government.
  • The individual must comply with immigration laws and procedures.
Consult the best protection visa agents in Sydney to assess your case and understand your eligibility.

Types of Protection Visas

The following types of protection visas are provided by Australia; these are:

Refugee Visa (Subclass 200)

Individuals can get refugee visas if they meet the definition of refugee. This definition is under the United Nations Refugee Convention. This visa is for individuals who are outside Australia.

In-country Special Humanitarian Visa (Subclass 201)

This visa is for individuals who are outside their home country and are subject to persecution due to violation of human rights in their home country. It is also for people who are unable to leave or seek shelter in other places. The individual must be proposed by a person who is an Australian citizen or has permanent residency.

Refugee and Humanitarian (Onshore) Visa (Subclass 866)

Unlike the other two visas, this visa is for people who are in Australia and seek protection on humanitarian grounds. They should meet the definition or status of refugee and should be subject to significant harm or danger if they return to their home country. Consult the best protection visa consultants in Parramatta to get expert guidance on protection visas as per your personal case.

Application Process For Protection Visa

Following is the process of applying for a protection visa; it includes:

Lodge the application

To get the protection visa, you need to submit the application form along with all your documents and supporting information to the DHA or Department of Home Affairs. This application can be submitted inside (Subclass 200) and outside (Subclass 866) Australia.

Immigration Interview

After the submission of the application, the applicant will be required to give an interview. The immigration officer will seek or ask for further information about the protection claims.

Health and Character Checks

The applicant will be required to undergo a health examination and provide a character clearance certificate from the police to show that they comply with the health and character requirements.

Await Decision

The DHA will assess your application carefully and decide whether or not to approve your visa application based on eligibility criteria, protection claims, and individual circumstances


If the decision of the DHA is not in favour of the applicant and the visa application is refused or rejected, the applicant can appeal the decision through various review processes. These include the Federal Circuit Court and Administrative Appeal Tribunal (AAT).

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Seek Professional Help From Immigration Experts

Individuals who want to apply for a protection visa must consult a professional protection visa agent in Sydney. They are qualified and have expertise in providing and helping applicants throughout the process of visas. Immigration lawyers and agents can guide you through the visa process and steps and help you navigate the complexities of a protection visa. Contact Kave At Law if you have any queries or concerns regarding the protection visa.
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