Partner Visa

Partner Visa

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Partner Visa For Australia

Partner visa is for individuals indulged in a genuine relationship with a citizen of Australia or with permanent residency. The visa grants permission to the significant other of the individual with Australian citizenship or permanent residence to live, work, and study in Australia permanently.
At Kave At Law, we understand how complex and stressful the migration process can be. Therefore, we aim to relieve your stress by streamlining the whole immigration process for you. Our expert advice, with the help of a partner visa consultant in Parramatta, can eliminate all the obstructions that may occur during the process and clear the way to your destination.

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Skilled Migration Visa is an excellent opportunity for professionals seeking to work or live in Australia.
Partner Visa

Categories Of Partner Visa

Kave at Law aims to provide detailed information on the options available for you to apply for a partner visa catering to meet all your needs and requirements with the help of our expert partner visa agent in Sydney. There are two stages under the category of partner visa.

Temporary Partner Visa (Subclass 820)

This stage of visa grants permission to the partner of the individual who is an Australian citizen to stay with them while their application for Partner Visa (Subclass 820) is under evaluation. The eligibility for the partner visa requires the individual to indulge in a genuine and ongoing relationship with their partner in Australia.

Permanent Partner Visa (Subclass 801)

This category of visa is the next stage of (Subclass 820). When the applicant has held the temporary partner visa for a specified time, and the Department Of Home Affairs is satisfied and convinced that the relationship of both individuals is genuine and continuing, they can be granted this visa. Under the permanent partner visa, the applicant is permitted to stay in Australia with the benefits of the right to work, study, and access social security.

Key Points Associated With Partner Visa


The applicant is required to be in a genuine and continuing relationship with their Australian partner. They can be in a marital or de facto relationship and must provide proof of their relationship as a part of their application. You can consult a partner visa agent in Sydney to learn more about the eligibility criteria.

Financial And Social Aspects

Both individuals should be able to present their capability to financially support each other or any other dependency. They should also be able to show their social integration as a couple through their shared arrangements of financial, household and social responsibilities.

Health And Character Requirements

Both the applicants must meet their health and character and health requirements. Under this crucial point, they would require a medical examination and a police clearance certificate to prove their integrity and credibility.

Application Process

The application process associated with the partner visa can be intricate and takes a significant amount of time. The individuals must provide a detailed application, ensuring no missing information is required to assess the application, such as evidence of their relationship.

Processing Time

The complexity of the case and the circumstances of the individuals can determine the processing time of visa application. The applicants need to wait and be prepared for the delayed outcome.

Migration Agent Assistance

Seeking migration assistance from an expert partner visa consultant is essential. Many people opt for a reputed agency to get through their immigration Journey. That is why all trust Kave At Law due to our smooth flow of communication and exceptional service that aims to cater to all the needs and requirements associated with the immigration process

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With the help of our expert partner visa agents in Parramatta and their great knowledge and skills, we ensure we pave the way for your immigration journey so you can take a flight to your destination and live the life you desire. Join hands with us today, and let us be the one to bring you closer to the life that you dream of.
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