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Global Talent Visa

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Australia offers a Global talent visa (subclass 858), which is given to individuals who are highly talented or skilled. There are various sectors in this visa category, and if you have exceptional skills and fall in one of the categories, you apply for this visa. Contact Kave At Law, the best global talent visa consultant in Parramatta. Our agents are skilled and have years of knowledge required to help you get this visa. We offer comprehensive solutions and guides to help you through the visa process seamlessly. Thus, choose the best immigration agency when applying for a global talent visa.

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The Global Talent Visa (Subclass 858)

This visa is also called a pathway to Australian citizenship as it helps individuals with exceptional skills and talent to immigrate to Australia easily. The Global Talent Visa (Subclass 858) was launched in the year 2018. It is designed and aimed to bring highly talented professionals and individuals to Australia to boost Australia’s innovation and competitiveness. Consult the best immigration agency in Sydney to apply for this visa with proper support and guidance.
To apply for this visa, you must show exceptional skills in one of the seven categories, including technology, academics, arts, etc. The application process is simple and also provides permanent residency to successful candidates. You can get the opportunity to live and work in Australia. Through this visa, Australia aims to be globally competitive.

Eligibility For Global Talent Visa

Highly Skilled

You must have exceptional skills and achievements recognised worldwide. You must be a leader or emerging leader in your field.

Target Sector

This visa is open only to individuals in one of the following sectors: technology, science, engineering, academia, research and innovation.

Endorsement Requirement

Since you must prove your skills and contribution to Australia, you should be endorsed by an Australian organisation or individual with expertise in your field. Consult the best global visa consultants in Parramatta to know more about this visa.

Age Requirement

There is no age bar for a Global Talent Visa. Thus, it is accessible to all individuals who are at a different stage in their lives.

Health and Character Requirements

You should meet the health and character requirements as provided by the Australian Department of Home Affairs

Global Talent Visa in parramatta

Application Process

Submit EOI

You must submit an EOI (Expression of Interest). Go to the Department of Home Affairs website and fill out the Global Talent Contact Form. Provide necessary details such as your skills, qualifications, achievements and contribution to your field.


Endorsement is necessary and crucial to get this visa. Once your EOI is selected, you will be invited to apply for endorsement through a relevant Australian organisation, where you have to demonstrate your skills. Consult the best immigration agency in Sydney to get full support throughout the process.

Visa Application

After you are endorsed, you can lodge a visa application online and submit all documents, including an endorsement letter, ID proofs, and any additional supporting evidence.

Assessment and Processing

Your application will be assessed, and depending on your case and the volume of your application, processing time will vary.

Visa Grant

Once your application is granted, you will be granted the Global Talent Visa. Thoroughly read the visa conditions attached to your visa.

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