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One of the parts of Australia’s Family Migration Program is a child visa. It is given to children who want to live with their parents or legal guardians. Through this visa, one can reunite and live with their family in Australia permanently. Consult Kave At Law, the best child visa consultant in Parramatta, if you are seeking solutions related to child visas. Our team of experienced agents can help you understand the process of visa application, assess your eligibility, and guide you through the process. Thus, consult our expert if you seek child visa solutions.

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Types Of Child Visas

Australia offers various subclasses of child visas to suit different circumstances of individuals

Child (Subclass 101) Visa

If you are a child who lives outside Australia and has a parent or parents who are Australian citizens or permanent residents, you can apply for this visa.

Dependent Child (Subclass 445) Visa

Children who have parents who hold temporary partner visas (Subclasses 300, 309, or 820), then you can apply for this visa. Contact the best child visa agent in Sydney if you seek professional assistance with a child visa.

Adoption (Subclass 102) Visa

Children can apply for this visa if they are adopted from overseas by an Australian citizen or permanent resident.

Orphan Relative (Subclass 837) Visa

This visa is for children who live outside Australia and do not have any parents to take care of them. If such children have a relative in Australia who is willing to provide care, they can apply for this visa.

Eligibility Of Child Visa

To apply for a child visa, you must follow these general eligibility criteria:

Age Requirement

The children must be under 18 years of age when applying for the visa. However, there are some exceptions for children, such as dependency due to finances or disability.

Health and Character Requirement

The DHA (Department of Home Affairs) will require you to clear the health and character requirements for which you must undergo a health examination and provide a clearance certificate from the police.

Relationship Requirement

In order for a child to be eligible for a visa, they should have a biological parent who is an Australian permanent resident or citizen. Even adopted children need to have a parent who is Australian PR. Contact child visa consultants in Parramatta to know more about the child visa relationship requirements.


The child who seeks a child visa must be dependent on the sponsoring parent. The dependency could be physical, emotional, and financial.

Application Process For Child Visa

The process to apply for a child visa is as follows:


Prepare all the necessary documents, such as passports, financial support evidence, adoption papers (if applicable), dependency evidence, and other additional documents.


If you are a sponsoring parent, you must submit a sponsor application to show that you can support the child financially and provide accommodation. Contact the best child visa agents in Parramatta to apply for the visa.

File the Application

After collecting all the documents, file the application and submit it to the DHA online or via mail.

Visa Fees Payment

Pay the required visa fees, application charges, and other required fees

Health and Character Check

Clear the requirements for the health and character check and submit its certificates.

Await the Decision

Wait for the visa application to be processed. The time for processing can vary depending on multiple factors, such as completeness of the application, volume of applications, and individual circumstances.

Visa Approval

After the processing, if your visa application is accepted, you will be notified. After this, you need to comply with the visa conditions associated with the visa subclass and start preparing for your journey to Australia.

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We understand that living far from the family can be hard and challenging. Thus, we offer various visa solutions, which also include child visas. We have helped many clients reunite with their families. Hence, contact the best child visa agents in Sydney and prepare for your journey to Australia. Book your consultation with our expert agents today.
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