Character Waivers

Character Waivers

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Character Waivers For Australian Visa

Character Waivers are a provision that permits applicants who are unable to meet the standard requirements associated with the character criteria of Australia to be granted a visa. Kave At Law is committed to helping these individuals through the intricate process of their immigration journey by providing them with the key components that can contribute to a successful immigration process with our character waivers visa consultant in Parramatta.
Kave At Law specialises in dealing with the legalities and other aspects required for visa applications. We aim to offer a service that paves the way and clears the path, removing every obstruction to eliminate interruptions. With our exceptional services, we are committed to catering to all your needs and requirements associated with the visa application and letting you experience a seamless process, saving you time, money and energy.
The Australian visa requires certain criteria of character to be met by the applicant, which determines their eligibility to be granted a visa. Health waivers are a provision that allows those people who are unable to meet the character criteria due to several reasons, such as having a criminal record or being involved in an illegal activity. With Kave At Law, these individuals can access a detailed and comprehensive understanding of the factors required to be granted a visa through the character waivers and the points they need to consider to apply for it.

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Factors Associated With The Assessment Under Character Waivers

Depending on the case, several factors are considered during their assessment that would lead to the outcome. These factors may include:
  • The nature and the intensity of the crime committed.
  • The time duration since the occurrence of the criminal event.
  • Proof of rehabilitation and good behaviours since the time of the criminal event.
  • Applicant’s reasons or intention to migrate to Australia.
  • The risks of granting a visa against the compelling circumstances to permit entry

Types Of Visa Associated With Character Waivers Provision

The chances of availing character waivers with the help of an expert character waivers visa agent in Sydney are determined under certain circumstances depending on the visa subclass applied for. Some of the visa subclasses under which the character waivers may be available are:

Skilled Visa ( Subclass 189, 190, 491)

A skilled worker who desires to live and work in Australia can apply for this visa. Some individuals who are unable to get permission to be granted a visa due to a criminal record or a record of any other illegal activity may be able to apply for character waivers. The visa through character waivers will be granted depending upon the applicant’s circumstances.

Family Visa (Partner Visa, Parent Visa)

The visa lets the individuals meet and stay with their families, with permission to work in Australia. Sensitive circumstances and strong migration reasons can contribute to a successful immigration process under the character waivers provision.

Temporary Visa (Visitor Visa, Student Visa)

The visa permits the individuals to temporarily stay, study and work in Australia. For temporary visas, character waivers may be available under certain circumstances along with the evidence of good conduct and rehabilitation.

Points Of Consideration For Character Waivers

Depending upon the subclass of the visa applied for and the applicant’s circumstances, the eligibility of character waivers can vary. However, the assessment of character waivers includes various principles and factors, which may be the following:

The Nature And The Intensity Of The Crime Committed

The type of crime committed and its intensity will be determined by the immigration authority of Australia while assessing the application for health waivers. Offences that are minor or were committed long ago can be considered negligible and assessed leniently.

Length Of Time Since The Offence Was Committed

The chances of an applicant being considered for a character waiver increase if it has been long since the offence occurred. The consideration also requires evidence that shows rehabilitation and good conduct during that time frame

Rehabilitation and good conduct

By providing proof of rehabilitation and good conduct, the applicants can increase their chances for the eligibility of character waivers. They may be required to participate in rehabilitation programs, community service, employment history, and character references.

Potential Risks Versus Compelling Reason

The risks of granting the visa will be assessed against the weightage of compelling reasons to allow entry by the immigration authority of Australia. Convincing reasons to be granted a visa can contribute a lot in the case of character waivers.

Personal Circumstances

Several circumstances will be considered, such as the reason as well as the intention of the applicant to migrate to Australia, along with humanitarian and compassionate considerations.

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