Business Visa

Business Visa

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Business Visa For Australia

Australia has become a place of attraction to business people all around the globe due to its booming economy, prime location and robust trade. Several businesses wish to step up the game of their business by spreading its roots to Australia. Therefore, Kave At Law is here to help the growth of their business by providing them with Business visa Consultant in Sydney.
The business visa program for Australia aims to boost economic growth and foster innovation by inviting business entrepreneurs, investors, and senior executives to participate in business operations, making businesses in Australia more active.
At Kave At Law, we offer services for businesses that aspire to represent their business on a global level. We provide these businesses with all the advice and information regarding the legalities and the requirements for a business visa with the help of a business visa agent in Parramatta. Our services provide the clients with a thorough and deep understanding of the eligibility criteria, types of visas, the application process, benefits and responses to their concerns and the associated frequently asked questions.
The business visa covers a wide range of business activities that can range from establishing a business to maintaining an existing one in Australia, along with investing in a business or participating in business-related activities.

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Skilled Migration Visa is an excellent opportunity for professionals seeking to work or live in Australia.
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Business Visa

Eligibility Criteria For Business Visa In Australia

The criteria that a business requires to get a business Visa in Australia depends upon the business, type, its operations, integrity and credibility. To represent these essential factors that contribute to the eligibility of business for a visa in Australia, it may be required to show a successful business or investment history along with a passion and commitment to participating in all business activities. Some other requirements may be to have assets on a personal or business level, a turnover threshold and creative and visionary ideas for your business as you apply for an entrepreneur visa.

Eligibility Criteria

Business Innovation And Investment (Provisional) Visa (Subclass 188)

Business innovation, investor, significant investor, premium investor and entrepreneur are the five streams that are comprised by provisional visa. This type of visa is responsible for letting individuals establish, own and manage a business in Australia and operate business-related activities such as investing in the business and other entrepreneurial activities.


The next stage for individuals with Subclass 188 visas is the permanent visa. The visa can be availed with business visa Consultant in Sydney by individuals with business when they fulfil all the needs and requirements for their provisional visa. Making a contribution to uplifting the economy of Australia is one of the requirements, along with the commitment to participating in activities associated with the maintenance and investment of business that can lead to a permanent visa.

Business Talent (Permanent) Visa (Subclass 132)

For businesses with high potential and calibre to contribute to the economy of Australia with devotion and commitment, this business visa comprises two streams, including significant business history and venture capital entrepreneur. Based on the credibility, integrity and a good history of business, this visa offers immediate permanent residency to individuals.

Business Visa Application Process


The first step of the application is for the applicant to submit an EOI through skill selection, mentioning the background and intentions of the business in detail.


The next step requires businesses to seek nomination from an Australian state or territory government agency with the help of business visa agents in Parramatta at Kave At Law.


Once the individual has received a nomination for their business, they may get an invitation to apply for the visa.


With the help of a business visa agent in Parramatta at Kave At Law, submit your visa application along with the documents and information required within the timeframe specified in the ITA.


The processing time for visa application can depend upon the visa subclass and the circumstances of the individual. Therefore, wait for the decision to arrive.

Business Visa

Benefits Of Availing of a Business Visa

Getting a business visa by consulting Kave At Law with the help of a business visa agent in Parramatta invites various benefits knocking at your door, such as:
  • Permission to operate business in Australia
  • Permission to bring family members
  • Pathway to permanent residency
  • Access to the Australian market
Contact Kave At Law today and enjoy the benefits of approaching a business visa consultant in Sydney. Join hands with the best legal adviser to ensure your immigration journey.
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