Everything You Need To Know About Australian Work Visa

Bringing The Migration Back To Normal

The Australian government is making several changes in the immigration system to simplify the assessment process of visa application and to sift through the number of people migrating to Australia. A record was seen in the 2022-23 financial year in Overseas Migration, with 510,000 people emigrating to Australia throughout the year. The number was 25% more than the expected number of people arriving in the May Federal Budget 2022-23 and more than twice in the October 2022-23 forecast. This shows that more people are migrating to Australia, and only a few are leaving. This number of people arriving in Australia are mostly students who stay to complete their studies for a few years, along with the students who had to return because they were not able to re-enter Australia due to the pandemic. The number of arrivals has gone a lot higher than expected after the pandemic. 


The issue of an excessive number of immigrants was linked to the shortage of houses. However, this was not the condition at all, and the tight rental marketing was still being affected by it. To address the issues, the government is making changes in the immigration system to return the level of migration back to normal. This includes creating a broader and multi-factor planning for migration. Read on to learn the changes the government is expected to make to rescue the level of migration and return it to the pre-pandemic levels. Consult the best immigration agency in Sydney to have a comprehensive understanding of the changes to streamline your immigration process.


Returning The Migration To Pre-Pandemic Levels. 

Australia’s net overseas migration went down for the first time after World War II during the pandemic as more people were leaving and a few were arriving.  However, as the conditions got better, more people began to arrive in Australia than expected, and only a few were leaving, including the students who stayed for a few years to complete their studies. 


The government believes that the temporary increase in the number of migrants will help Australia to cover the loss of Migrants Australia experienced during the time of COVID-19. However, the government is still working on strategies to return the migration to near pre-pandemic. The immigrant can consult a business visa agent in Parramatta. 


The Actions of the government to rescue the migration back to normal include:

Closing Covid Concessions

  • Closing the Subclass 408 Pandemic Event Visa.
  • Eliminating the uncapped working hours for international students.


Strengthening The Integrity Of Internal Education And Student Visas

  • Increase the minimum requirements for English language proficiency for student and graduate visas. 
  • Including a thorough inspection of the student’s visa application with high risk.
  • Eliminating unscrupulous education providers


Removing Visa Settings That Enable Long-Term Temporary Stays In Australia

  • Shortening time for Graduate visa.
  • Removing visa settings allows graduate visa holders to increase their stay in Australia in cases where applicants have fewer prospects of acquiring permanent residency.


Dealing With the Exploitation Of Visa System

  • Investing more in resources like immigration compliance officers.
  • Restoring integrity in the protection visa system.


Targeting Skilled Migration To Genuine Shortages

  • Annually increasing and indexing the Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold or a minimum amount of salary for employer-sponsored visa holders.
  • Using Jobs And Skills Australia to take advice on skills shortages that are genuine to target the skilled visas accordingly. 


You can consult a business visa agent in Parramatta who will provide you with comprehensive information on everything you need to know about an Australian Work Visa. These are the expected changes the government will include to return migration back to normal, along with changes in labour market testing Australia. You can contact the best immigration agency in Sydney to have a complete understanding of the changes in the immigration system. 

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