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Asylum Seekers

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Asylum Seekers In Australia

The individuals who have left their home countries behind as a result of persecution, war, or conflict that caused a threat to their well-being and safety and have fled to Australia to seek protection are referred to as asylum seekers in Australia. Kave At Law specialises in helping asylum seekers through the intricate immigration process with the help of our professional refugee visa consultant in Parramatta.
Kave At Law is committed to offering outstanding service to clients. Our in-depth knowledge and impeccable skills crafted through years of experience enable us to find the absolute solution for your immigration problems. We put our extreme efforts into eliminating any obstruction coming your way, ensuring an immigration Journey without any interruptions. Asylum Seekers fly to Australia without a visa, seeking protection due to persecution or conflict in their home country. However, based on their circumstances, they apply for the type of visa that is suitable for them after their arrival in Australia. The visa categories relevant to this are as follows

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Visa Types

At Kave At Law, we understand the significance of finding a place that ensures protection and safety. Therefore, with our utmost services, we put all our time and efforts into providing a perfect solution to your immigration problems. Our Refugee Visa Agent In Sydney provides a comprehensive understanding of the intricate visa process with detailed information that caters to all your needs and requirements.

Protection Visa (Subclass 863)

The individuals considered as refugees who fall under the United Nations Refugee Convention and are in Australia can apply for this visa. The individuals under this visa are granted permission to permanently reside in Australia and access certain services offered by the government.

Temporary Protection Visa (Subclass 785)

The temporary protection visa is for individuals who are accepted as refugees but are permitted to stay in Australia on a temporary basis. Individuals with temporary visas may not be able to benefit from every service offered by the government and have restrictions on certain rights, unlike permanent residents

Safe Haven Enterprise Visa (Subclass 790)

The individuals who are found to be refugees and have agreed to live and work in Australia’s regional areas for a certain amount of time fall under this category of visa. They may be able to access permanent residency if they manage to meet certain requirements

Bridging Visa

The bridging visa is granted to the asylum seekers till the time their protection claim is under processing. The individuals under this visa category are permitted to stay in Australia. However, they may have restrictions on work and study along with several other conditions attached to it.

Eligibility Criteria For Asylum Seekers

The eligibility criteria for asylum seekers looking for protection in Australia are determined by their refugee status and the assessment of their requirement of protection. The key factors that contribute to the eligibility of the asylum seekers in Australia may include

Refugee Status

The individuals must be able to prove that they fall under the category of being a refugee by meeting the definition of a refugee set by the United Nations Refugee Convention. This may include evidence of the threat to your safety due to persecution or conflict based on race, religion or any other reason.

Potential Danger To Oppression

The individuals seeking asylum in Australia must be able to provide evidence that supports their claims of persecution.

Compliance With Australian Law

Applicants must have a clear criminal record and must be able to prove that they do not mean any harm to the Australian Community

Requirement To Meet Health And Character Criteria

It is necessary for the applicants to meet the requirements of health and character. They must undergo certain medical examinations and provide clearance certificates to the police.

Legal Representation

Having legal representation to present the case may be beneficial for asylum seekers to ensure that they are able to understand their rights as well as obligations throughout the application process. Kave At Law is the ideal partner for these individuals as we specialise in dealing with the legalities of the immigration process, ensuring that we present the case effectively.

Compliance With Visa Conditions

It is mandatory for the individuals to comply with certain conditions, such as staying in the designated regional areas under the temporary visa category, which may include a Temporary Protection Visa or Safe Haven Enterprise Visa.

Present Need For Protection

The applicants must be able to show a genuine need for protection and the risk of harm they could experience if they are sent back to their countries.

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Kave At Law offers one of the most reliable and trustworthy services provided by our Refugee visa agent in Sydney. We are empowered with a great team that ensures to pave the way for your immigration journey and allows you to find a place where you belong.
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